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Hannah Lash at the New York Philharmonic Biennial

(photo © Bob Handelman)

The New York Philharmonic's second Biennial festival is well underway, with exciting concerts popping up all over the city. Fresh on the heels of the premiere of her chamber opera "Beowulf" in Boston, Hannah Lash returns to New York to see two performances of her works, in venues both intimate and grand. On May 25th, Lash's Leaves, Space, a work for double bass and harp, was performed at New York Public Radio's Jerome L. Greene Space, in a program featuring composers from the Yale School of Music. This New York Premiere was live-streamed on WQXR's Q2, which regularly live-streams concerts in the New Music New Haven series. 

On June 5th, Lash's music will again be heard in the newly-named David Geffen Hall. The Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra has programmed a concert entitled Young Americans, referring both to the youth of their performers and the youth of the composers they've programmed. In addition to works by Jennifer Higdon, Ashley Fure, and Nico Muhly, the Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra will perform the World Premiere of Hannah Lash's Chaconnes, commissioned by Interlochen. Don't miss this chance to hear Lash's intimate writing expanded to an entire orchestra! 

JACK Quartet and ACO Premiere New Alex Mincek Concerto

On October 16, 2015, Alex Mincek's new concerto for string quartet and orchestra will be premeired by the legendary JACK Quartet, alongside the American Composers Orchestra. A continuation of his String Quartet No. 3, also composed for and premiered by the JACK Quartet, this new composition, "Continuo", has a double meaning: it is both an extension of the previous work, and also references the baroque concept of continuo, accompaniment provided for a group of soloists. Mincek writes,

"I try to fluidly connect various harmonic processes that are typically considered incompatible (by some). Namely, modal organization, tonal organization, organization by abstract intervallic relationships (symmetry, proximity, etc...), and organization pertaining to acoustic phenomena (Just Intonation, harmonic spectra, non-harmonic spectra, etc...). I'm traversing and combining these approaches not merely for the variety of their sensual qualities (surfaces), but for their structural properties relative to specific musical functions/goals."

For an idea of these disparate sound-worlds that Mincek is interested in combining, check out his String Quartet No. 3

The concert kicks off 2015's SONiC Festival, and will be broadcast as a part of New Sounds Live, hosted by John Shaefer. 

Anthony Cheung at the Cleveland Orchestra

The Cleveland Orchestra, youngest of the "Big Five" American orchestras, has recently announced that PSNY composer Anthony Cheung will hold their 2015-2016 Daniel R. Lewis Young Composer Fellowship. Cheung, who recently moved to the midwest to be an Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Chicago, will not only be composing a new orchestral work for the orchestra—but will also be involved with educational programming throughout northeast Ohio. In addition, the Cleveland Orchestra will perform Cheung's Lyra in early 2016. 

Cheung's work shows a deep commitment to exploring the boundaries of pattern, form, and cohesion in composed music, while remaining intuitive, affective, and profound. Several of his works published by PSNY for ensemble showcase his intricate part-writing for small groups—such as Enjamb, Influse, Implode, and Centripedalocity. We look forward to seeing (and hearing!) how Cheung will use the forces of the Cleveland Orchestra to explore even further. 

For a peek into Cheung's compositional process for working with large ensembles, check out this 2012 interview with WNYC's John Schaefer:

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