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Josh Modney Performs at Spectrum NYC

Josh Modney is one of the leading interpreters of contemporary music for the violin, and there is certainly not a lack of music for him to play. As the executive director of the Wet Ink Ensemble, a member of the Mivos Quartet, and a frequent performer with the International Contemporary Ensemble, Modney's calendar is packed with premieres and performances. So it's a rare treat to see him perform a solo recital, with some help from fellow Wet Ink instrumentalists, at Spectrum NYC, on New York's Lower East Side. 

On Saturday, January 16th, Modney will perform six works featuring the violin, including pieces by PSNY Composers Mario Diaz de Leon, Kate Soper, and Scott Wollschleger. Diaz de Leon's piece, ii.23, is scored for viola and electronics, and the score calls for extra subwoofers to make the bass felt in the space. Check out a clip: 

Modney will also be performing Kate Soper's Cipher, a work Soper commissioned for him, along with the composer herself. One of Soper's signature works, Cipher explores the limits of language, sound, and performance in the intimate connection between instrument and voice. Check out a video of the pair performing Cipher below. 

Again picking up the viola, Modney will also perform Scott Wollschleger's Soft Aberration No. 2, for viola and piano, alongside pianist and fellow composer and Wet Ink member Eric Wubbels. Wollschleger's work evokes what he calls a "broken echo" between instruments—a fine pairing with Soper's work—exploring the shared sensibilities of sight and sound experience between two performers. Check out an excerpt below: 

Kate Soper's "Cipher" Now Available on PSNY

Kate Soper's Cipher, for soprano and violin, is now available on PSNY. Composed for violinist Joshua Modney, Cipher is a meditation on language, timbre, text, and intelligibility, melding texts by Jenny Holzer, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Guido d'Arezzo; the work "[exposes the inherent ambiguity of musical temperament, ensemble hierarchy, and lyric comprehension." Presented in four movements (with each movement's name reminiscent attribution on hip hop albums), Cipher is an "exotic score" [NYTimes], a feast for the eyes (and mind) as well as the ears. Check out Soper and Modney performing it at ISSUE Project Room in 2012: 

Soper has been developing her interrogation of language, embodiment, and the seduction of song with her new opera project, "Here Be Sirens," which is currently running at Dixon Place, presented by Dixon Place and Morningside Opera. With a great review in the New York Times, and an in-depth feature on I Care if You Listen, this work is not to be missed. Check out this video of Soper discussing the work during her 2013 MacDowell Colony residency:

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