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The Living Earth Show Perform Knight, Andres on New CD

Adrian Knight and Timo Andres are among several composers whose works have been recently recorded by The Living Earth Show, a San Francisco-based duo of guitarist Travis Andrews and percussionist Andrew Meyerson. Their new CD, High Art, was released on Innova on November 19th, and includes Knight's "Family Man" and Andres' "You Broke It, You Bought It." Already well-reviewed by the SF Examiner and written up in the San Fransisco Classical Voice, the album is The Living Earth Show's recording debut; they have performed the works of Knight, Andres, and others across the country since 2012. Check out the video for "Family Man" below: 

Knight's works on PSNY for guitar include "Bon Voyage" (three guitars) and "Daedaldualism" (guitar, synthesizer, and electronics); other electro-acoustic works include "The Tears" (harp, live electronics) and "Vain Attempts" (piano, electronics). Andres' works on PSNY with percussion include "Crashing Through Fences" (piccolo, glockenspiel, two bass drums) and "Trade Winds" (bass clarinet, piano, percussion, string quartet).  

The Living Earth Show Plays Adrian Knight, Timothy Andres, and Christopher Cerrone!

New Yorkers have all the fun, don't they? Those lucky enough to be in Manhattan have witnessed the TriBeCa New Music Festival at The Cell in Chelsea, the finale of which consisted of The Living Earth Show performing works by Adrian Knight, Timo Andres, and Chris Cerrone! Could it get any better? 

For those uninitiated, this is The Living Earth Show, a Bay Area-based duo of guitarist Travis Andrews and percussionist Andrew Meyerson:

The Living Earth Show performed the piece in the video above, "You Broke It, You Bought It," by Timo Andres, Adrian Knight's "Family Man," and Chris Cerrone's "Double Happiness." Have a listen to the first movement of "Double Happiness" below and check out Timo's, Adrian's, and Chris' other works to get a sense of what these premieres might have been like. And keep your eyes peeled to our blog for announcements of new publications!  

(P.S. While you're taking my recommendations, check out Adrian Knight's new project, Blue Jazz TV!) 

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