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New Works by Ann Cleare

PSNY is happy to announce that two new works by Ann Cleare, one of which is in two arrangements, are newly available this week on PSNY.

Cleare's work has often explored concepts of presence, becoming, and immanence, dwelling in sound-worlds made manifest by her maserful use of instruments and electronics. Cleare's Inner, in a new version for violin and piano, "probes the subcutaneous space within sound", positing sound as a body with porous boundaries. Inspired by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, Cleare writes: "the internal is given a multidimensional quality, fragmenting the outer surface", a metaphor for her compositional interplay between instruments and sound. 

(page 1 from Inner

In Cleare's On Magnetic Fields, the ensemble is split up spatially and sonically on stage: two "whirling" ensembles, featuring violins, flank the left and right sides, while a separate ensemble of harp, piano, and percussion creates a "box of light" in the center. We have published both this version for full ensemble, as well as a version for two violins and loudspeaker. The interplay between the two magnetically-charged ensembles on either side and the "piercing, alien light" of the center ensemble forms the basis of the composition. Check out a recording excerpt below. 

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