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Anthony Cheung at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra's MusicNOW series opens its 2014-2015 season with a performance of Anthony Cheung's SynchroniCities, a composition for a small ensemble of winds, strings, percussion, piano, and electronics. The capitalized "C" in the middle of the title is no mistake: Cheung's piece explores the synchronous, resonant pairings of city sounds, from the ambient buzz of cicadas to the high-pitched electronic beeping of the subway turnstile. Commissioned by the Koussevitzky Music Foundation for the Talea Ensemble in 2012, this work plays with the signification of sounds: dissonant, in tune, harmonius, ordered, or seemingly chaotic. Paired with works by John Luther Adams, Michael Gordon, and Mason Bates, SynchroniCities will set the mood for both the evening's concert program and the entire season. Be sure to check it out on September 29th! 

Also, if you haven't yet heard Chicago-based saxophonist Ryan Muncy's album Hot, on New Focus Recordings, then consider yourself reminded: Anthony Cheung's Refrain from Riffing is only one of several killer tracks on the album, which also contains works by Chaya Czernowin and Marcos Balter. Here's an excerpt of Refrain from Riffing:  

Announcing Two New PSNY Composers

We're back with some very exciting news-- did you miss us? Today, PSNY announces the publication of works by two new composers, Ann Cleare and Erin Gee!

Ann Cleare hails from county Offaly in Ireland, where she attained a B. Mus and M. Phil from University College Cork, and has been in America studying with Chaya Czernowin and Hans Tutschku at Harvard towards a PhD in Composition. (That is, of course, by way of the Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2007 and IRCAM from 2008 to 2009.) Ann's music for instruments and electronics is singularly powerful, and we're extremely honored to publish several of her works on PSNY, complimenting our growing catalogue of chamber and electro-acoustic compositions. 

For a taste of what Ann's music is like, here's a sample from her 2009 work, I am not a clockmaker either, for accordion and electronics. 

Ann gave a great interview with the Contemporary Music Centre in Ireland, talking about the work and its recording, made available through the CMC: 


Erin Gee is an American composer and vocalist who recieved her BA and MA in Music at the University of Iowa in 2002, where she studied with Réne Lecuona, Lawrence Fritts, and Jeremy Dale Roberts. From there, she went on to study with Chaya Czernowin, Beat Furrer, Richard Barrett, Steve Takasugi, and others in Germany and Austria, earning her PhD in Music Theory from the Universität für Musik in Graz, Austria in 2007. Like Ann, Erin also studied at the Akadmie Schloss Solitude, and like our composers Andrew Norman and Anthony Cheung, she recieved the Rome Prize, in 2007. 

But unlike any of our other composers, Erin writes music that has an incredibly unique sense of vocal performativity, even in her instrumental works. Listen to the vocal qualities of the wind instuments in her PSNY work, Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter:

We're extremely excited to have Erin join our roster of composers- in addition to Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter, be sure to listen to Mouthpiece VI, also newly available, and be on the lookout for more of her works soon!

Coming up in October: the Deadalus Quartet performs the complete string quartets of Fred Lerdahl, all available on PSNY, at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston! The JACK Quartet performs Alex Mincek's String Quartet No. 3 "lift-tilt-filter-split" on Sept. 30th at the Festival Music ain Strasbourg, France! And, last but not least, check out our other new works by PSNY composers: Adrian Knight's Bon Voyage, Chris Cerrone's The Night Mare, Alex Mincek's Flutter, Pierre Jalbert's Dual Velocity, and Hannah Lash's Three Movements for Horn Trio.

Also, if you haven't noticed yet, you can now subscribe to our PSNY blog via our new RSS Feed. Click on the RSS icon on the upper right corner of this page to subscribe!

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