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Kate Soper Profiled on NewMusicBox

PSNY Composer Kate Soper has recently been profiled by Molly Sheridan in NewMusicBox, the online publication of New Music USA. Soper talks about her recent projects, including Ipsa Dixit ("she, herself, said it"). Sheridan writes,

The six-movement piece, of which Metaphysics will eventually be a part, plays explicitly with ideas about language. While the use of words in a piece of music adds a layer of meaning, that may not necessarily translate into clarity of communication and Soper is fascinated by that ambiguity—”the complexities of language and meaning and vocalizing and speech and how we can connect those, the interesting ways we can play with those intersections.”

New Works for Summer

Ah, summer. The classical music season is over, mostly, and we're looking forward to festival performances-- often places where programmers take more chances and choose some more adventurous pieces to play. We've been slowly (and surely) building up our roster here at Project Schott New York, now with over 160 works by 40+ composers. 

Have you checked out Keeril Makan's page recently? We now have 14 works up, including five solo works and nine for ensembles! Keeril's "Resonance Alloy" was just performed in San Diego by David Shively; here he is performing it in 2011: 

 Other new works include his string quartet, "The Noise Between Thoughts," "Voice Within Voice" for baritone saxophone, and "Target" for soprano/mezzo-soprano and ensemble. Check 'em out!

Speaking of saxophone, Richard Carrick's "Harmonixity" for saxophone quartet is also now available:

We also now have a staggering 22 works available from Lei Liang, including "Piano, Piano" for improvising pianist, and "Ascension", for brass quintet and percussion..

Well, I hope that's enough to chew on for now! Stay tuned for an amazing announcement, coming up tomorrow....

Wet Ink and Talea Ensemble Provide New Music for Autumn

Though the weather is increasingly dark and gray, and the holiday season will soon tempt us to forgo exploring new music in favor of familiar holiday music, there still exist shining beacons of new music in this wintry sea.

One such beacon - Wet Ink, which includes PSNY composers Kate Soper and Alex Mincek - has just come back from a Californian tour, where they made a deep impression on the local press. The tour ended up back in Brooklyn, at Roulette, with a program featuring Teresa McCollough performing the World Premiere of "In My Own Skin " by Alvin Singleton, and Alex Mincek and Ian Antonio (also of Yarn/Wire and Zs) performing Alex's "Nucleus."

If you haven't heard "Nucleus", here's a taste from the awesome recording on Carrier Records

Next up for Wet Ink: a residency at Duke University in December. And for Kate Soper, the premiere of a new work for soprano and violin, "cipher," by the SEM Ensemble at the Paula Cooper Gallery on December 13th. 

The Talea Ensemble has just held two recording sessions at the American Academy of Arts and Letters of two works by Anthony Cheung: "Windswept Cypresses" and "Centripedalocity."

Cheung, who is their pianist, will also be performing on their awesome program on Sunday the 27th at the Roger Smith Hotel, which includes works by Berio, Bartok, Nono, and Larry Polansky. It's a rare treat to hear these works, especially Nono's "'Hay que Caminar' Soñando", live: 

Hats off to these ensembles for keeping autumn vibrant with new music! 

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