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Kamran Ince: Wild Territories

Kamran Ince is no stranger to the classical: his music explores threads that are woven between both past and present, and also between America and Europe—a Europe that knows no boundaries between "East" and "West", but rightly includes Turkic and other Eastern cultures into its fold. His operas, such as "The Judgment of Midas," are a flowing, eloquent expression of the contemporary possibilities of classical form.

Felix Mendelssohn's "Songs Without Words" may be considered the height of German Romanticism: an attempt to distill the pure spirit of music down to melody, rhythm, and harmony, without the need for text. Ince has re-imagined this song cycle as "Songs In Other Words," which premiered in Germany in 2014; now, the German "Classical Band" Spark has released a new album that contains many of these reimaginings, arranged for their small ensemble. The album, entitled "Wild Territories", was released on Berlin Classics, and is widely available online. On PSNY, two versions of this song cycle are available: one for flute and clarinet, the other for recorder and melodica, both accompanied by violin/viola, cello, and piano.  

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