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Scott Wollschleger's "White Wall" on PSNY

In the middle of winter, it's only natural for the mind to focus on the sharpness of the cold, the whiteness of the snow, and the stillness of sound. Scott Wollschleger's second string quartet, titled "White Wall", is, in the composer's words, "music written at the end of the world." Exploring the idea of "white noise", Wollschleger recasts the string quartet as a lone child, breathing and sighing to itself as the world fades to white. An organic whole, the ensemble becomes still in time, emitting patterns of sounds that are constantly under erasure. Wollschleger's play with duration, rhythm, and timing creates an evanescent temporality to his work, disappearing the moment it comes into sound. This echoes his other works, such as Blue Inscription for solo piano, and Brontal No. 3 for large ensemble.

Commissioned by the Mivos Quartet and premiered by them at the DiMenna Center in New York, the quartet was also performed at the 2014 International Music Institute at Darmstadt, Germany. Check out a beautifully recorded video below.  

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