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Christopher Cerrone's Invisible Cities at Los Angeles' Union Station

Los Angeles' Union Station, built in 1939, is one of the last great railway stations in the United States. Its resonant acoustics and beautiful glass ceiling are remnants of an older era of American industry, a faded optimism built on steel, electricity, and the hard work of a city full of laborers. Linked to other Union Stations by rail, it is the gateway for exploration, a poetic marvel on the path across the West coast. An early-20th Century traveller, like Marco Polo, might have seen it as a metonym for an entire city, one made of glass and steel. 

Christopher Cerrone's opera, Invisible Cities, based on the Italo Calvino novel of the same name, has seen several productions in recent years, but none of them has taken place in a space so appropriate to both the novel and to Cerrone's meditative, powerful music. On October 19th, 2013, Invisible Cities will begin its limited run in Los Angeles' Union Station, with a full orchestra and cast, and an audience of 150-- all wearing wireless headphones. The project, co-presented by Los Angeles' avant-garde production group The Industry and the Los Angeles Dance Project, is also sponsored by Sennheiser, who will provide all of the technology needed to bring this remarkable idea for a project into life. 

Cerrone's team have started a Kickstarter to help with the costs of this large-scale, technologically-advanced project. Along with the chance to be a supporter of this cutting-edge project, patrons can also choose from a wide variety of rewards for their donations, including a new song by Cerrone based on the text of the patrons' choice.

Also, for those in New York today, be sure to check out Martha Mooke, electric violist, who will be performing works by Alvin Singleton at the New York Public Library, Riverside Branch as a part of today's Make Music New York festival! Mooke will perform her eponymous Mookestück, written for her by Singleton in 1999. 

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