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Lei Liang's "Trans": Immediate Publication on PSNY

One of the great things about digital publishing is the immediacy of it: a new work can be both premiered and made available to the public on the very same day. And we've done just that: Lei Liang's "Trans," for solo percussion and audience, premiered on Saturday, February 1st, and we've made it instantly available on the very same day.

Commissioned and premeired by percussionist Steven Schick, "Trans" is a score with three staves, representing three states of mind: "outward," "inward," and "immovable". The audience is given 60 pairs of small rocks, with which they create "sonic clouds," which create a relation between the percussionist's actions on stage and the sonic environment in which she suddenly finds herself. The performance attempts to unify these sonic fields, along with the performer's interpretation of Liang's three states of mind. Forging boldly into areas of relational aesthetics, interaction, and embodiment, "Trans" is a perfect percussion work for performers and audiences of all varieties.

Here is a video of Steven Schick performing one of his favorite works, Xenakis' Psappha

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