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Two World Premieres for Hannah Lash

The summer festival circuit in America can trace one of its largest roots back to the Chautauqua movement in the late 19th century: centered around education in natural settings, these "chautauqua" meetings were held not only at the Chautauqua Institution in New York, but across the country. The Chautauqua Institution recently hosted a performance of Hannah Lash's Eating Flowers on July 11th, performed by the Chautauqua Music School Festival Orchestra, and conducted by Timothy Muffitt.

Following the Festivals, Lash will also see another performance at the Colorado Music Festival's Chautauqua Theater in Boulder, CO. Lash will perform alongside the CMF Orchestra in the world premiere of her Concerto No. 2 for Harp and Orchestra, which was commissiond by the CMF through audience contributions as a part of their Click! Commission Program. After the concert, Lash and conductor Jean-Marie Zeitouni will offer a post-concert conversation. To get a sense of her writing for harp and orchestra, check out her earlier Concerto No. 1 for Harp and Chamber Orchestra (in an arrangement for harp and ensemble) below. 

Back on the east coast, Lash also receives the world premiere of her string quartet Pulse-space, performed by the Cassatt Quartet at the Seal Bay Festival on July 20th and 21st

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