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Anthony Cheung's "Twin Spaces, Intertwined" Premieres in Chicago

The University of Chicago has long been held as the paragon of "the life of the mind." Established as a graduate research university in 1890, it has graduated classes of students every three months in quarterly convocation ceremonies; these ceremonies have taken place in the 1,800-seat-capacity Rockefeller Chapel since its construction in the 1920s. On December 11th, the newest class of graduates will mark the completion of their degrees by hearing the world premeire of Anthony Cheung's Twin Spaces, Intertwined — a new work for spatialized chamber ensemble, written specifically for the gothic cathedral space.

Performed by members of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago under the baton of Michael Lewanski, Twin Spaces, Intertwined consists of separate wind and brass quintets spread out throughout the interior space of the chapel, along with two percussionists above the altar. Cheung writes: 

The idea is to fill the chapel with echoes and refrains, with the sensation of calls and responses, especially in the horns. […] The tone of the piece, while in many ways celebratory because of this specific occasion and reflected in quite jubilant passages at its climaxes, is also one of contemplation, reflection, and mystery.

 Check out a few excerpts from Cheung's recent work for ensemble, Time's Vestiges:

Anthony Cheung at the Cleveland Orchestra

The Cleveland Orchestra, youngest of the "Big Five" American orchestras, has recently announced that PSNY composer Anthony Cheung will hold their 2015-2016 Daniel R. Lewis Young Composer Fellowship. Cheung, who recently moved to the midwest to be an Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Chicago, will not only be composing a new orchestral work for the orchestra—but will also be involved with educational programming throughout northeast Ohio. In addition, the Cleveland Orchestra will perform Cheung's Lyra in early 2016. 

Cheung's work shows a deep commitment to exploring the boundaries of pattern, form, and cohesion in composed music, while remaining intuitive, affective, and profound. Several of his works published by PSNY for ensemble showcase his intricate part-writing for small groups—such as Enjamb, Influse, Implode, and Centripedalocity. We look forward to seeing (and hearing!) how Cheung will use the forces of the Cleveland Orchestra to explore even further. 

For a peek into Cheung's compositional process for working with large ensembles, check out this 2012 interview with WNYC's John Schaefer:

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