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Morton Subotnick on PSNY


For the first time ever, the music of Morton Subotnick – complete digital editions, with scores, parts, software, and samples – are available for immediate download. Subotnick, widely considered one of the first and most eloquent voices of electronic music, has made six of his works available through Project Schott New York. Though these works have been available from Schott in the past, the PSNY edition allows for immediate download of all materials, including standalone software applications, and patches for Max/MSP and Ableton Live.

The works include Axolotl, A Fluttering of Wings, In Two Worlds, The Key to Songs, Passages of the Beast, and Then and Now and Forever. More information and excerpts after the jump...

The works, newly available through PSNY, include some amazing pieces for soloists, string quartet, and small ensembles. Many of these works have been recorded on lables such as Nonesuch and Wergo throughout the years, but because of the limitations of distributing the electronic elements, it has been hard for players to perform, not to mention get a hold of, these scores. Now, anyone can download everything needed to perform these amazing works:

solo cello and electronic ghost (1982) 

A Fluttering of Wings
string quartet and electronic ghost (1981) 

In Two Worlds
solo alto saxophone and electronics (1987) 

The Key to Songs
2 pianos, 2 perc (mallet inst.), viola, cello, electronic sounds (1985)

Passages of the Beast
solo clarinet and electronic ghost (1978)

Then and Now and Forever
clarinet, violin, piano (2008)

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