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Three Premieres for PSNY Composers

Only a week after announcing the publication of works by Marcos Balter, we're excited to spread the word about his upcoming World Premiere with the American Composers Orchestra on April 4th at Carnegie Hall's Zankel Hall! Balter's work, Favela, was commissioned by the ACO and draws sonic inspiration from the favelas of Brazil, Balter's home country. Check out Balter himself talking about this piece, his first for a full orchestra:

For those in New York, be sure to check out the Czech Center's 80th birthday celebration for Christian Wolff on March 27th. The program features the American premiere of Alex Mincek's Subito: No. 2, which premeired at the Ostrava Days fesitval last year. Musicians featured in the concert include Mincek himself, Christian Wolff, Philip Glass, Thomas Buckner, and many more. Mincek's Nucleus will also be performed on the second half of the concert. Check out an excerpt of Subito: No. 2 here:

For those in Boston, be sure to attend the Boston Modern Orchestra Project's concert on Friday, March 28th, which includes the American premiere of Lei Liang's Saxophone Concerto "Xiaoxiang", for saxophone and orchestra. The piece is an orchestration of his earlier work, Memories of Xiaoxiang, for saxophone and tape, available here on PSNY. Listen to a recording to be transported to the intersection of the rivers Xiao and Xiang during the cultural revolution, where Liang "search[es] for memories of realities, fragments of the truths in this broken, fractured, and scattered soundscape."

If you happen to be in Texas, Houston's Da Camera hosts Loadbang on April 8 for a performance of Christopher Cerrone's How to Breathe Underwater, Adrian Knight's 20 Maj, as well as works by Hannah Lash, Charles Wuorinen and Andy Akiho. 

Alex Mincek, "For Petr Kotik"

Earlier in the summer we reported on "the summer of Alex Mincek"; and in the beginning of the concert season, we're pleased to report that we have another new work availably by Mincek, "For Petr Kotik." Composed in dedication for Kotik, composer and leader of the S.E.M. Ensemble, this four-minute work for violin and piano finds striking commonalities between Mincek's and Kotik's aesthetics. Check out a sample here: 

Beyond Cage: Kate Soper, Alex Mincek, Morton Feldman, and More!

John Cage's name is plastered all over New York City right now, as it should be: this year, he would have turned 100 years old. And what better way to celebrate Cage's pioneering work than premiering new boundary-pushing compositions alongside mid-century works that inspired them? The S.E.M. Ensemble, as a part of their massive Beyond Cage Festival, is doing just that in concerts in several venues around New York, including premieres of new works by PSNY Composers Kate Soper and Alex Mincek, and performances of works by Morton Feldman, Luigi Nono, and Karlheinz Stockhausen, among many others. 

On October 28th, The S.E.M. Ensemble, joined by Ian Antonio of Yarn/Wire and Kate Soper of Wet Ink, premiere Soper's The Crito. and Mincek's V, both composed in 2012. 

For an idea of what these works could sound like, check out an earlier work by Soper for voice and flute: 

Be sure to attend the concert of major orchestral works by Morton Feldman on November 5th at Alice Tully Hall, which will include the American Premieres of Flute and Orchestra and Violin and Orchestra, as well as Piano and Orchestra and Structures for Orchestra

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