European American Music Distributors Company is a member of the Schott Music Group

PSNY, or Project Schott New York, is a digital music publishing edition, the first of its kind to be developed by a major music publishing house.

In its pilot phase, PSNY's catalog, a highly selective collection of music by composers writing for a wide range of ensembles and music fans alike, features over 70 new works by more than 30 of the most exciting composers of our time, all available for immediate download.  Each PSNY Composer Edition is a published edition of the composer's self-published work.  The edition preserves elements of the composer’s individual “house style” while conforming to PSNY's professional publishing standards.  Today's composers possess a self-producing capacity that is far beyond the capacities of any other era in the history of notated music. We embrace this new development and believe our role as publisher is to make the very best new works available to the public in the most convenient way possible.

PSNY employs an interactive, media-rich online interface connecting musicians and audiences directly with the creators of new work. Composers, performers, and music lovers all play an active role on the PSNY site, which has been designed expressly to accommodate and promote a new online space for the discovery and discussion of new music.

The PSNY catalog will continue to grow following its launch in November 2011 with new composers and new works introduced on a regular basis. Composers participating in the pilot phase of PSNY include Timo Andres, Robert Beaser, Richard Carrick, Anthony Cheung, Douglas J. Cuomo, Mario Diaz de Leon, David Felder, Beat Furrer, Annie Gosfield, Kamran Ince, Pierre Jalbert, Phil Kline, Hannah Lash, Fred Lerdahl, Lei Liang, David T. Little, Keeril Makan, Alex Mincek, Andrew Norman, Gabriela Ortiz, Tobias Picker, Matthias Pintscher, Joseph Schwantner, Alvin Singleton, Kate Soper, Gregory Spears, Miroslav Srnka, Ken Ueno, Stewart Wallace and many more.

I invite you to explore this new world of music publishing and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Here’s to the music!

Norman Ryan
Vice President - Composers & Repertoire
Schott Music Corporation & European American Music Dist Co