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ACME performs a Pop-Up Concert at Columbia's Miller Theatre

Columbia University's Miller Theatre has been a landmark venue for new music in New York City, acting as a vital performance space for composers young and old, with innovative programming that draws diverse audiences. Their Pop-Up Series—which seats audiences on stage, offers free admission and beverages, in an informal, intimate setup—is a fantastic way for audiences to expeirence music outside of the perfunctory confines of the regular concert hall. And who better to feature in one of these concerts than Timo Andres, whose work straddles aesthetics both old and new? 

Timo's works will be featured this coming Tuesday, June 2nd, in a concert by the American Contemporary Music Ensemble, featuring Andres himself at the piano, along with Pulitzer-Prize winning violinist Caroline Shaw. The ensemble will perform Andres' Piano Quintet, Thrive on Routine for string quartet, in addition to Andres performing the New York premiere of his solo piano work, Clear and Cold. For a preview of Timo's performance, check out I Care If You Listen's video of him performing At the River in his home in 2011:

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