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Anthony Cheung Shares Award from the Inaugural Marie-Josee Kravis Prize

PSNY composer Anthony Cheung has been chosen to share in the inaugural Marie-Josee Kravis Prize for New Music at the New York Philharmonic, at the request of legendary composer Henri Dutilleux.

The Kravis Prize for New Music is bestowed every two years for extraordinary artistic endeavor in the field of new music, and was awarded to Henri Dutilleux in 2011. At the award ceremony, Dutilleux announced that he would share the $200,000 award with three composers, each of whom would write a work to be performed by the Orchestra in his honor. 

On June 26, 2012, the New York Philharmonic announced that Anthony Cheung, along with Franck Krawczyk and Peter Eötvös, had been chosen to share the award and to compose a new work for the orchestra.

Congrats to Anthony from all of us at Schott!

(And belated congratulations to Schott composer Henri Dutilleux! Read our newsletter story about his award here.)

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