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A Note about Works and Covers

You might have noticed that the works on PSNY have several types of covers: some red, some yellow, and some with individual publishers' designs. Here's a quick breakdown:

Red covers, such as those for works by Gregory SpearsTimothy Andres, or Kate Soper, are for PSNY Composer Editions.

Yellow covers are for works by composers published exclusively by Schott Music, such as Tobias PickerAlvin Singleton, and Robert Beaser

Other covers, such as those for works by Matthias Pintscher and Beat Furrer, are designed by those works' original publishers, for example Baerenreiter Verlag

But ultimately, these categories are secondary to the music itself. For many works on PSNY, you can hear audio samples or view videos of performances directly on those works' pages. For example, here's a video you can find on the page for Mario Diaz de Leon's "Trembling Time II":

 (via the wonderful Talea Ensemble, of course!)

For audio excerpts, many works have Soundcloud widgets, like this one for Tobias Picker's "String Quartet No. 2":  

Tobias Picker - String Quartet No. 2, mvt. I (Excerpt) by PSNY

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