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Timo Andres' Earthly Feast

Now that the holidays are upon us, what better way to celebrate than with some comfort food? Go out and get your goose, your orange pomanders, your gingerbread-- but don't forget about the other Comfort Food-- that is, Timo Andres' new choral work available on PSNY! Comfort Food was commissioned and premiered by Present Music in Milwaukee for their annual Thanksgiving concert, and the text for the work is taken from an informal survey of "pedestrian and earthly food items, an episode of depressants, and finally into the somewhat metaphysical."

For a taste of Comfort Food, listen to an audio excerpt:

Comfort Food is also the first choral work available on PSNY-- be on the look out for more to come! 

December has also been a big month for Andres: the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra recently performed an all Mozart/Andres program at Brooklyn's Galapagos Art Space, featuring pianist David Kaplan. The concert, on December 6th, featured two of Timo's works for solo piano: How Can I Live In Your World Of Ideas? and It takes a long time to become a good composer, both available on PSNY. It also included Timo's new string quartet, Thrive on Routine, commissined in 2010 by the ACME Ensemble.


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