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Zen-On Releases Four New Publications by Michio Kitazume, Shoichi Yabuta, and Kae Hirakawa

May. 01, 2021

On May 15, Zen-On will release four new publications. These include Michio Kitazume's Side By Sidefor solo percussion and orchestra (orchestral version), Side By Side, for solo percussion and orchestra – Version III for chamber orchestra, Shoichi Yabuta's Inori No Hana, for soprano and piano, and Kae Hirakawa's Soar, for oboe and piano.

The original version of Michio Kitazume's Side By Side for solo percussion was premiered in 1987 by percussionist Midori Takada and the Tokyo Philharmonnic Orchestra led by Kazuhiko Komatsu. The work is featured on a disc titled, Orchestral Works by Michio Kitazume. In 2018, the Kyoto Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, led by Ichiro Saito, premiered the chamber orchestra version of this work featuring percussionist Masayuki Koshikawa as the soloist.

(Solo version of Michio Kitazume's Side by Side, performed by Todd Meehan)

Soprano Kanna Ogawa and pianist Koki Kuroiwa premiered Shoichi Yabuta's Inori No Hana in 2019 at Tokyo Bunka Hall as part of Zen-On's annual contemporary concert program. This work is consists of seven short movements performed consecutively. The vocal part is without lyrics, sung on vowels only.

(Soprano Kanna Ogawa and pianist Koki Kuroiwa premiere Shoichi Yabuta's Inori No Hana)

Finally, oboist Ami Kaneko and pianist Yumi Tajima gave the premiere of Soar by Kae Hirakawa in 2019 at Tokyo Opera City. The composer notes:

"This is a work commissioned by the oboist Ami Kaneko. From the time we were in school, I have had many opportunities to perform with her. I have always been entranced by the beauty of the sound of the oboe and its depth of expression. With this composition, I sought to create a lilting, lithesome sound, for which the oboe is noted, in a beautiful melody. The delicate splendor of the piano intertwines with the colorful harmony and musical line, releasing, as it were, a gentle but dynamic brightness. I would be very happy if those who play the oboe could add this to their repertoire."

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