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World Premieres of Miyuko Oda's Kaleidoscope of Tokyo and Akira Nishimura's Lop Nur for 10 Players in Tokyo

Feb. 15, 2023

The Tokyo Symphony Orchestra will premiere Miyuko Oda's Kaleidoscope of Tokyo under the baton of Keitaro Harada on February 19 at Suntory Hall in Tokyo. The work was commissioned by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. 

Earlier this month, Ensemble NOMAD, led by Norio Sato gave the world premiere of Akira Nishimura's Lop Nur for 10 Players on February 5 at Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall in Tokyo.

Listen to Nishimura's Polar Lights:

Kazuaki Kikumoto and Arai Yukari perform Akira Nishimura's Polar Lights

To learn more about Miyuko Oda, click here.
To learn more about Akira Nishimura, visit:

Miyuko Oda 
Kaleidoscope of Tokyo (2022)
for orchestra
Instrumentation: 3(3.pic).3(

Akira Nishimura
Lop Nur for 10 Players (2022)
for ensemble