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Julian Anderson's Symphony No. 2 "Prague Panoramas Premiered in Munich

Jan. 15, 2022

On January 19, The Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, under the baton of Semyon Bychkov, presented Julian Anderson's Symphony No. 2 "Prague Panoramas" for orchestra. The 25-minute orchestral work is based on a picture book by the Czech photographer Josef Sudek (1896-1976). His panoramic images of the city of Prague seem almost surreal due to the lack of focus – everything in the picture is sharp. The impressive photographs inspired Anderson to incorporate both the beauty of the city and Sudek’s visual language into his music. The composer notes:

"In 2005 I saw an exhibition of Praha Panoramatická by Josef Sudek. The arresting beauty and painterly composition of his black-and-white panoramas of Prague took my breath away. Looking from one end of the book to the other has a sweep and trajectory to it, like listening to a symphony. The grandeur of the photographs themselves almost suggest orchestral sounds and textures." 

Symphony No. 2 is a jointly commissioned work by the BBC, the Munich Philharmonic and The Cleveland Orchestra. 

Listen to Julian Anderson's "Toucher" from Sensation (2015-2016):

(Julian Anderson/"Toucher" from Sensation/Richard Uttley, piano)

For more information about Julian Anderson, visit:

Julian Anderson
Symphony No. 2 "Prague Panoramas" (2019-2021)
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