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Gloria Cheng and PianoSpheres Present Works by Lei Liang, Wang Lu, and Anthony Cheung

Jan. 01, 2021

On December 1, PianoSpheres presented a program titled "My Windows" Chinese Composers in America", featuring pianist Gloria Cheng who performed excerpts from Lei Liang's My Windows as well as Wang Lu and Anthony Cheung's Recombinant

The concert can be viewed in its entirety on PianoSphere's YouTube channel, here.

(Gloria Cheng - My Windows - A Discussion with the Composers)

Of My Windows, Lei Liang notes:

“Tian” (heaven) is the first of six interludes in my earlier piano piece, Garden Eight (1996/2004). It consists of six relative durations and six pitches that are each permutated six times. “Seven Rays of the Sun” (2007) was inspired by an image in the Naimittika pralaya in Vishnu Purana: after the suns burn up the three worlds, a hundred years of rain pours down to envelop the worlds in one ocean. In the last section of the piece, I imagine the mysterious rays of light sinking into the deep seas while Vishnu sleeps on the waters. In the opening section of “Magma,” (2007) the right hand plays mostly on the black keys, while the left hand plays on the white keys. This division is dissolved in the second section where the music builds up to an explosive ending. “Pausing, Awaiting the Wind to Rise…” (2002) is based on the first movement “Tian.” It is a reflection of the sound I encountered while strolling in the woods. My Windows is dedicated to my wife Takae.

To learn more about Lei Liang, visit:
To learn more about Wang Lu and Anthony Cheung, visit:

Lei Liang
My Windows (1996-2007)
for solo piano
I Tian (heaven) • II Seven Rays of the Sun • III Magma • IV Pausing, Awaiting the Wind to Rise...

Wang Lu and Anthony Cheung
Recombinant (2017)
for solo piano