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Gavin Bryars's Marilyn Forever at Volksoper Wien

Mar. 31, 2018

Gavin Bryars's <em>Marilyn Forever</em> at Volksoper Wien

Volksoper Wien presents the European premiere performances of Gavin Bryars's opera Marilyn Forever at the Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz beginning April 14 and running through May 2. The production, directed by Christoph Zauner, features soprano Rebecca Nelsen as Marilyn and will be led by conductor Wolfram-Maria Märtig. Commissioned by the Aventa Ensemble who gave the world premiere in 2013 in Victoria, Canada, Marilyn Forever examines the inner life of Marilyn Monroe, limning the complicated intellectual and emotional relationship the multi-talented star had with love and death.

At the opera's premiere, the Aventa Ensemble noted about their production: 

"As the work progresses, the performance interweaves what is taking place on stage with the trajectory of Monroe’s life through relationships, fame and myth. Ultimately, the characters of the musicians as performers and men in Monroe’s life fuse with the forces that lead to her death. Marilyn Monroe is often looked at as a sex object, victim or fantasy. In this work, we are given through Monroe’s own voice, her combination of sensitivity and exhibitionism, allied to the narrative of the “chorus”, a view from the ‘inside’ of the conflicting emotions and ambitions of this compelling and timeless personality."

Listen to Gavin Bryars's Two Love Songs (2010) here: 

(Two Love Songs/Gavin Bryars/Women of The Crossing Choir/Donald Nally, conductor)

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Gavin Bryars
Marilyn Forever (2010-2013)
a chamber opera
libretto (Eng) by Marilyn Bowering
for soprano, baritone and small chorus of tenor, baritone and bass
bcl.bsn-hn-perc-str(; jazz trio (tsax-pno-jazz bass)