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World Premieres of Orchestral Works by Hitomi Kaneko and Yumi Saiki in Japan

Nov. 01, 2018

World Premieres of Orchestral Works by Hitomi Kaneko and Yumi Saiki in Japan

On November 30, the Suntory Foundation for the Arts continues its renowned “Composers Profile” series, now in its 37th year, with a celebration of the composers Hitomi Kaneko and Yumi Saiki. Ryusuke Numajiri conducts the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra in a concert titled “Les Chants de l’Amour” featuring the world premieres of Hitomi Kaneko’s La table de l’amour - le banquet des molecules and Yumi Saiki’s The First Word. The program also includes Kaneko’s Requiem pour piano et orchestra (2013), featuring pianist Ichiro Nodaira, and Saiki’s Entomophonie Ⅲ (2003-4). A pre-concert talk precedes the show.

Listen to Yumi Saiki's Confession here:

(Confession/Yumi Saiki/Yuty Lauda, piano)

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Hitomi Kaneko
La table de l’amour - le banquet des molecules (2018)
for orchestra
3(3pic).3(3. in A).3(escl,3.bcl).3(3.dbn).2asax-4.3.3.(3.btbn).1-perc.cel.hp.pno.ond.m-str

Requiem pour piano et orchestra(2013)
for piano and orchestra
2(2pic).2(in A).2(escl,bcl),2(dbn)-4.2.3(3.btbn).1-perc.cel.hp-str

Yumi Saiki
The First Word (2018)
for orchestra
3(afl,bfl,pic).3.3(bird call,escl,bcl).3(bird call,aluminum foil,dbn)-4(pair of stones).3(pair of stones,aluminum foil).3(pair of stones,3.btbn).1(pair of stones)-perc.hp.pno(cel,rain stick)-str

Entomophonie III (2003-4)
for orchestra
3(pic).3.2.bcl.3(dbn,Mozart-schellen)-4.3(M.schellen).3(III=btbn).1-perc.cel.hp.str(egg maracas,M.schellen)