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World Premieres of New Works by Hannah Lash, Pierre Jalbert, and Lei Liang

Apr. 04, 2018

World Premieres of New Works by Hannah Lash, Pierre Jalbert, and Lei Liang

We are thrilled to note premieres this month of new orchestral works by three of our Schott New York composers. From April 4-6, the Atlantic Classical Orchestra led by David Amado presents the world premiere of Hannah Lash's Facets of Motion. "What was interesting to me and why I called the piece Facets of Motion," Lash notes, "is that in my mind the piece was all about change, and how material moves, and how we perceive it through time. And when I’m thinking of material, it’s far from abstract. You can’t think of material unless you think about the way it moves."

Facets of Motion is the latest addition to Hannah Lash's growing catalogue of works for orchestra that have been commissioned and performed by leading orchestras in the US and abroad. Soon after this world premiere, Lash sees the premiere of her first piano concerto, In Pursuit of Flying, for Jeremy Denk and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Teddy Abrams, in May. 

Listen to Hannah Lash's C (2011) for piano and percussion here:

(C/Hannah Lash/Passepartout Duo: Christopher Salvito, percussion and Nicoletta Favari, piano)

On April 14-15, conductor Louis Langrée leads the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in the world premiere of Pierre Jalbert's Passage for orchestra alongside works by Prokofiev and Beethoven. Jalbert notes:

"In my work Passage, the title refers to the transformation of musical passages from Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony, which informed this work, into a modern musical language, and to the passage of time between 1806, the year of Beethoven’s composition, and 2018. Passage is in three contrasting movements, with each movement responding to a different aspect of Beethoven’s score. The first movement contains material from both the first and third movements of Beethoven, the second refers to the slow movement, and the third to the Finale. Ultimately, the piece stands on its own terms, filtered through my own musical language, to form something of our own time."

Listen to Pierre Jalbert's In Aeternam (2000) here:

(In Aeternum/Pierre Jalbert/The National Symphony Orchestra/Cristian Macelaru, conductor)

Finally, on April 21, the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, led by conductor Gil Rose, performs the world premiere of Lei Liang's A Thousand Mountains, A Million Streams. Liang depicts the music in poetic form:

A landscape emerges out of darkness, illuminated by an artist’s inner vision;

distant contours, shapes, hints of color, and emptiness.

As the viewer draws closer and closer to the landscape, lines and human presence begin to emerge, sounds to resonate, until we become one with each of its brush-stroke and ink splash, with its each breath.

The mountains are breathing, singing and roaring.

The landscape vibrates, pulsates and dances; it takes flight; it stirs, swells, rises, grinds, surges, stretches and blooms;

trembling, jolting, and collapsing, it breaks into fragments.


Rain – drops and drops of rain – returns, to heal the landscape in ruin.

A prayer, a resurrection, the rain brings life back to the landscapes,

 and it regains its gentle heartbeat.

Listen to Lei Liang's Tremors of a Memory Chord for piano and grand Chinese orchestra (2011) here:

(Tremors of a Memory Chord/Lei Liang/Taipei Chinese Orchestra/En Shao, conductor/Pi-Hsien Chen, piano)

Hannah Lash
Facets of Motion (2018)
for orchestra

Pierre Jalbert
Passage (2017)
for orchestra

Lei Liang
A Thousand Mountains, A Million Streams (2017)
for orchestra