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World Premiere Performance of Lei Liang's Mongolian Suite for Solo Violin

Feb. 17, 2024

Violinist Rabia Brooke performed the world premiere of Lei Liang's Mongolian Suite for solo violin as part of a concert to celebrate the Lunar New Year at the Chicago Cultural Center on February 11. Prior to the performance, Rabia and Lei sat down for a pre-concert Q & A session to discuss what it is like to commission and compose a piece, where the inspiration for this piece came from, and more. The concert was presented in partnership with Choose Chicago and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

Mongolian Suite《内蒙组曲》, originally composed for cello, consists of the following six movements which can be performed as a suite or as individual pieces:

Tongliao Mountain 通辽兴安岭 (1:30)
Where Is Home? 家在何方?(2:20)
Chifeng Mountain 赤峰兴安岭 (1:30)
Mother and Daughter 母女之歌 (3:30)
Yin Shan Dance 阴山之舞 (2:00)
Feng 风 (4:30)

Lei Liang notes: "Mongolian Suite is a collection of Inner Mongolian songs, both arranged and imagined. Having studied with the renowned scholar Wulalji since my childhood, I learned songs that sing of mother’s love, friendship, courage, skies and stars, horses, mountains and grassland; I learned about home and what it means to be away from home – something we all can relate to. These songs have a special place in my heart."

VI. "Feng" from Lei Liang's Mongolian Suite for solo cello, performed by Erica Wise

Additionally, on February 21, world-renowned violinist Marco Fusi will perform Lei Liang's Six Seasons on violin and viola d'amore at the Conrad Prebys Music Center at UCSD. Six Seasons was inspired by Liang's six-year collaboration with scientists Joshua Jones and John Hildebrand of Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The music pairs live performance with natural sounds captured by hydrophones placed 300 meters below sea surface in the Arctic. Mingyong Cheng's visual display of NASA images of the Arctic will be enhanced by sonic spatilization by UC San Diego PhD candidate Charles Deluga, a member of the Lei Lab

Lei Liang/Six Seasons, Season 1: New Ice/Mivos Quartet

The performance is presented with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles.

To learn more about Lei Liang, visit and

Lei Liang
Mongolian Suite
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Six Seasons
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