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World Premiere of Vijay Iyer's TORQUE at Caramoor

Jun. 05, 2018

World Premiere of Vijay Iyer's <em>TORQUE</em> at Caramoor

On June 22, Sō Percussion (Eric Cha-Beach, Josh Quillen, Adam Sliwinski, and Jason Treuting) perform the world premiere of Vijay Iyer's TORQUE at the Caramoor Festival. Vijay Iyer describes his new work:

"At the piano, I listen for how the contortions of the hand can suggest the surges of a body in motion. In my trio music, I’m often evolving rhythmic shapes, shaping gestural patterns with an embodied resonance, and striving to evoke specific qualities of movement with our performed rhythms. Someone once compared us to the Flying Karamazov Brothers, with their coordinated, cyclical, antiphonal actions. I see the work of the rhythm section as a ritual of collective synchrony, aiming above all to generate a dance impulse for everybody in the room.

Torque, a twisting force on a body, seems to appear for the listener at music’s formal boundaries, when one movement type gives way to another. This piece for Sō Percussion invites them to perform transformations that twist the music’s temporal flow, bringing the micro-relational art of the rhythm section to this virtuosic quartet."

Listen to Vijay Iyer's Time, Place, Action (2014) here:

(Time, Place, Action/Vijay Iyer/Vijay Iyer and the Brentano String Quartet)

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Vijay Iyer
TORQUE (2018)
for percussion quartet