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World Premiere of Victoria Borisova-Ollas's Symphony No. 2 "Labyrinths of Time"

Sep. 01, 2017

World Premiere of Victoria Borisova-Ollas's <em>Symphony No. 2 "Labyrinths of Time"</em>

On September 20, Andrey Boreyko leads the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra in the world premiere of Victoria Borisova-Ollas’s Symphony No. 2 “Labyrinths of Time”. The premiere takes place at the Gothenburg Concert Hall in Gothenburg, Sweden as part of an all-Russian program including Shostakovich’s Violin Concerto No. 2 with Vadim Gluzman.

Borisova-Ollas’s Symphony No. 2, which was co-commissioned by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and The Gothenburg Symphony, comes nearly 17 years after the premiere of her Symphony No. 1 “The Triumph of Heaven” with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra in 2001. In this new symphonic work, Borisova-Ollas set out to explore themes of memory, imagining the process of remembering as “a walk in a labyrinth.” She writes:

I imagine that labyrinth as a giant interior of a church tower’s clockwork. We take one step to the right, one step to the left while the huge machinery ticks, its wheels rattling and scratching. The clock hits a quarter of an hour, two quarters, three quarters… then the final chord arrives. Time always has a pulse, and therefore it is closely related to music.

Listen to a recording and view the score of Borisova-Ollas’s first symphony, The Triumph of Heaven, below:

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Victoria Borisova-Ollas
Symphony No. 2 “Labyrinths of Time”(2017)
for orchestra

Symphony No. 1 “The Triump of Heaven” (2001)
for orchestra