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World Premiere of Toshio Hosokawa's Lied V

Jul. 15, 2019

World Premiere of Toshio Hosokawa's <em>Lied V</em>

On August 5, the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra will give the world premiere of Toshio Hosokawa's Lied V. The work is based on Hosokawa's Lied (1997), for flute and piano, and was rewritten for solo cello, string orchestra, percussion and harp on a commission from the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra.

The idea to rewrite the work was suggested by cellist Steven Isserlis, who will perform the world premiere under the baton of Christian Arming. Hosokawa notes:

"In the original work, the flute is an extension of a man's voice, singing a song without words, while the piano symbolizes nature and the universe. This cello concerto undertakes the same idea; the cello sings as an extension of a man’s voice, and the string orchestra in the background imitates the nature inherent both inside and outside of the man. The orchestra responds to and contradicts the singing of the solo cello while the music gradually intensifies, and the sound of the cello finally blends and dissolves into the soft sonority of the strings."

Listen to Hosokawa's Lied for flute and piano (1997) here:
(Lied/Toshio Hosokawa/Leonardo Grittani, flute & Maurizio Zaccaria, piano)

To learn more about Toshio Hosokawa, visit:

Toshio Hosokawa
Lied V (2019)
for violoncello and string orchestra with percussion and harp