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World Premiere of Thierry Pécou's Nahasdzáán in the Glittering World

Apr. 01, 2019

World Premiere of Thierry Pécou's <em>Nahasdzáán in the Glittering World</em>

On April 23, Thierry Pécou leads the world premiere of his chamber opera, Nahasdzáán in the Glittering World, presented by Opéra de Rouen and choreographed by Luc Petton. Additional performances follow on April 25 and May 2. Pécou notes: 

This music evolved from my collaboration with the Navajo poet Laura Tohe who resides in Arizona. Through our interpretation of the sacred stories and healing ceremonies of the Navajo Indians, we would like to draw attention to the dramatic wounds which human beings have inflicted on ‘Nahasdzáán’ [Mother Earth], at the same time displaying the force of the Navajo concept of ‘Hozho’, uniting harmony, health and beauty in a single entity.

Luc Petton’s choreography incorporates living animals (an eagle, owls and wolves) which join the dancers and singers onstage. At the end of the ritual which evokes mythological figures of the Navajo, the animals remain apprehensive: what new worlds will human beings create to save the earth and avoid catastrophe? 

(Trailer of Nahasdzáán in the Glittering World)

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Thierry Pécou
Nahasdzáán in the Glittering World
a chamber opera
libretto (Eng) by Laura Tohe 
Spider Woman, mezzo-soprano; First Woman/Raven, alto; Coyote/Younger Brother, tenor; First Man/Elder Brother/Eagle, bass; 2 Dancers
ca. 90'