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World Premiere of Shoichi Yabuta's Harp Concerto Inori no Ki

Jul. 15, 2019

World Premiere of Shoichi Yabuta's Harp Concerto <em>Inori no Ki</em>

On July 6, the Izumi Sinfonietta Osaka, led by Keiko Mitsuhashi, gave the world premiere of Shoichi Yabuta's Harp Concerto "Inori no Ki" ("Tree of Prayer") at Izumi Hall. Commissioned by the orchestra, the work featured harpist Kazuko Shinozaki as the soloist.

Shoichi Yabuta studied harp as a student and has always had a special love for the instrument. His desire in this new work was to compose a concerto "that expresses how captivating the harp can be". He notes:

"This work was composed as a prayer for world peace. The harp positioned at the center of the stage represents a tree. Throughout the work, the orchestra creates different scenes around it, for example, shedding light upon the tree or starting up a raging storm. The work consists of seven short movements, and listeners can hear noticeable changes in each movement."

Listen to Shoichi Yabuta's anima here:

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Shoichi Yabuta
Inori no Ki (Tree of Prayer)
for harp and orchestra