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World Premiere of Pierre Jalbert's Shimmer and Flow

Jan. 01, 2019

World Premiere of Pierre Jalbert's <em>Shimmer and Flow</em>

On January 31 and February 1, the innovative Cinncinnati-based ensemble, Concert:Nova, presents the world premiere of Pierre Jalbert's Shimmer and Flow as part of a program titled "Cello +".

Pierre Jalbert notes:

"As the title suggests, Shimmer and Flow contains two contrasting types of music, the first soulful, mysterious and “shimmering”, and the second fast-paced and flowing.  In the slow introduction, the clarinet and cello blend and merge into each other’s sound at times, then accelerate wildly into the pulse-oriented main section of the piece.  The work was commissioned by Harry and Ann Santen for clarinetist Ixi Chen and cellist Ted Nelson who will premiere the work on Cincinnati’s Concert:Nova series."

Listen to Pierre Jalbert’s Piano Quintet (2017) here:

(Piano Quintet/Pierre Jalbert/Jupiter String Quartet/Bernadette Harvey, piano)

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Pierre Jalbert
Shimmer and Flow (2018)
for clarinet and cello