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World Premiere of Miroslav Srnka's Overheating

Nov. 01, 2018

World Premiere of Miroslav Srnka's <em>Overheating</em>

On November 13, Susanna Mälkki leads the Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Group in the world premiere of Overheating, a new work for chamber orchestra by Czech composer Miroslav Srnka. Commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, Overheating invites a threefold celebration: its world premiere, the centenary of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the birthday of the composer's sister. As part of the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Green Umbrella Series, the concert, entitled "European Avant-Garde", will showcase cutting-edge composition, highlighting the pioneering sounds of modern Europe, at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. 

Srnka's new work is described in Bärenreiter's magazine, [t]akte:

“Overheating” takes as its starting point a consideration of anniversaries in general. “In a day of commemoration one can also be aware of the time span which embraces social, political or ecologically changeable outcomes”, says the composer.

The musical concept of “Overheating” is based on dynamic processes: sound objects which emerge from nothing are combined, culminate and ultimately transform themselves. Srnka develops a kind of kinetic sonorous object: “What happens when there is too much of an expanding energy? What happens with pure musical means in such circumstances?”  The transformation of material in “Overheating” is a powerful musical process and at the same time a characteristic of time – as it elapses after the anniversary for which this composition was written.

Listen to Miroslav Srnka's Piano Concerto (2012) here:

(Piano Concerto/Miroslav Srnka/Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra/
Tomáš Netopil, conductor/Nicolas Hodges, piano)

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Miroslav Srnka
Overheating (2018)
for ensemble 
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