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World Premiere of Hannah Lash's Music for Nine, Ringing at Music Academy of the West

Jul. 11, 2018

World Premiere of Hannah Lash's <em>Music for Nine, Ringing</em> at Music Academy of the West

The world premiere of Hannah Lash's Music for Nine, Ringing for harps, keyboards, and percussion will take place at the Music Academy of the West on July 31 at the Lobero Theatre featuring the composer as one of the performers. The piece will be performed alongside works by Georg Philipp Telemann and Richard Strauss. Hannah Lash, serving as the Music Academy's composer-in-residence, will offer a lecture and demonstration the afternoon before the premiere, on July 30

Hannah Lash describes her work:

"Music for Nine, Ringing is a piece in two movements for a very similar instrumentation as Boulez's "Sur Incises." I wrote my piece as a possible companion to the Boulez, although there is no direct musical relationship beyond the shared instrumentation. The first movement features declamatory music juxtaposed with a more scurrying-like material. It is a kind of study in contrasts. The second movement is much more somber in character throughout, and takes as a point of departure a rather antique sounding chord progression. This progression forms the DNA for all subsequent sections of the piece. The second movement replaces two of the pianos with a harpsichord and a celesta respectively, which lends the music a rather eerie character."

Elsewhere this summer, Marzio Conti leads the AIMS Festival Orchestra in the European premiere of Hannah's Music for Loss at the Herz-Jesu-Kirche in Graz on July 12.and Three Shades Without Angles is performed at the Tanglewood Festival on August 11.

Listen to Hannah Lash's Tree Suite (2017) here:

(Tree Suite/Hannah Lash, composer and performer)

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Hannah Lash
Music for Nine, Ringing (2018)
for ensemble
3hp, cel, pno, 2vib, 2mar

Music for Loss (2011)
for orchestra, vib, crot, tam-t, brake d)-hp.cel-str

Three Shades Without Angles (2013)
for flute, viola, and harp