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Hannah Lash and Jeremy Denk Perform the World Premiere of Double Concerto for Piano and Harp

Nov. 01, 2019

Hannah Lash and Jeremy Denk Perform the World Premiere of <em>Double Concerto</em> for Piano and Harp

On November 14, the Naples Philharmonic, under the baton of Arvo Volmer, performs the premiere of Hannah Lash's Double Concerto for piano, harp, and orchestra. Jeremy Denk (who premiered Hannah Lash's Piano Concerto No. 1 - "In Pursuit of Flying" last season) is the piano soloist, with the composer performing alongside him on harp. Hannah Lash describes her work:

"As I was composing my Double Concerto for piano and harp, I was thinking about ways in which I could play with the traditional format of a concerto to find a fresh way of thinking about the drama inherent in this medium. On the large scale, I play with sections that repeat or return but not in the traditional ways. I am interested in how we perceive repeats—in many ways, without some sense of repetition, we cannot perceive form at all. But the sense of a return can either feel like a journey come full circle, or it can feel like a strangely recurring memory, or even something like deja vu. I am interested in finding ways to evoke all these implications: their intersections and combinations and complications.

Sonically, the piano and harp play with material that is quite resonant and often arpeggiated. I arrived at it via a game of expanding and contracting intervals, which, when set in motion express largely triadic harmonies, leading to one another in a variety of different ways to offer an unexpected though logical harmonic pathway through the piece.

I am thrilled to be working with the Naples Philharmonic, and especially excited to collaborate for the second time now with the unparalleled Jeremy Denk."

On November 10, Janna Baty, mezzo-soprano, Wendy Sharp, violin, and Hannah Lash, harp, give the world premiere of Two Songs at Sprague Memorial Hall at Yale University. These songs are set to texts by the composer, inspired by Psams 13 and 45 of the Bible. 

Finally, on November 13 at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, acclaimed mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton, and the American Composers Orchestra, led by George Manahan, peform the world premiere of Hannah Lash's From the Songs of Charles Ives: "Autumn" and "Immortality", which were orchestrated by Hannah Lash especially for this performance.

Listen to Hannah Lash's Music for Loss (2011):

(Music for Loss/Hannah Lash/Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra)

To learn more about Hannah Lash, visit:

Hannah Lash
Double Concerto (2019)
for piano and harp

Two Songs (2019)
for mezzo-soprano, violin, and harp

From the Songs of Charles Ives
"Autumn" and "Immortality"
orchestrated by Hannah Lash