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World Premieres of Anno Schreier's Ente und Wolf and Turing

Dec. 22, 2022

Anno Schreier and Alexander Jansen's Ente und Wolf [Duck and Wolf] is the action-packed, family-friendly sequel to Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. The story begins in the zoo where Wolf has been locked into an enclosure. After a severe coughing fit, Wolf throws up Duck whom he had previously swallowed alive. Upon realizing that it cannot fly due to an injured wing, the Duck makes a suggestion to the Wolf. They plan to escape together from the zoo and return to the forest. This is the beginning of an adventurous journey through the alien world of the big city. From the roof terrace on a high-rise buiding, they spot their forest. But, how will they be able to cross the motorway? Luckily, Duck and Wolf have learned that weaknesses can sometimes be transformed into strengths.

Ente und Wolf was premiered by the Philharmonisches Orchester Regensburg on December 18 at Neuhaussaal in Regensburg, Germany. Andreas Kowalewitz conducted and Hannah Spielvogel and Pia-Rabea Vornholt directed the production. Katharina Solzbacher was the narrator. 

In addition, Oper Nürnberg presented the world premiere of Anno Schreier and Georg Holzer's opera Turing on November 26 at the Staatstheater Nürnberg. Jens-Daniel Herzog directs and Guido Johannes Rumstadt conducts this production which will run through February 12. The composer discusses his inspiration for composing the opera:

"It is only during the past few years that a complete impression of Alan Turing as one of the tragic heroes of the 20th century has truly emerged: the mathematician who laid down the path for the development of computers and also broke the German codes during the Second World War, thereby contributing to its end, before being persecuted as a homosexual which led to his suicide. In our opera, Georg Holzer and I tell the story of the hard-won rise and unjust fall of a genius who never felt at home in the world he helped to save. In my music, I combine minimalist patterns with influences from electronic pop music, considering the question of how much machine is contained in life, and how much life in machines."

Preview of Turing by Oper Nürnberg

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Anno Schreier
Ente und Wolf (2022)
libretto (Ger) by Alexander Jansen
for narrator and orchestra
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Turing (2020-2021)
libretto (Ger) by Georg Holzer
opera in two parts

Turing · lyric tenor - Joan · lyric soprano - Madame KI · Soprano - Mrs Turing · mezzo-soprano - Arnold · tenor - Max · baritone - Churchill · bass baritone - Polizistin · soprano - Polizist · bass or baritone - Chor (min. 40 singers)

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