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US Premiere of Thomas Larcher's Symphony No. 2 "Kenotaph" at the New York Philharmonic

Apr. 01, 2019

US Premiere of Thomas Larcher's <em>Symphony No. 2 "Kenotaph"</em> at the New York Philharmonic

On April 24, the New York Philharmonic is set to give the United States premiere of Thomas Larcher's Symphony No.2 "Kenotaph" under the baton of conductor Semyon Bychkov. Taking place at Lincoln Center, Larcher's symphony receives additional performances on April 25, 27 and 30. Originally conceived as a concerto for orchestra, Larcher’s Symphony No. 2 takes the form of a classical symphony but retains elements of the original idea, reaching from the intimacy of chamber music to the immense diversity of a full orchestra. Larcher notes:

"I want to explore the forms of our musical past under the light of the (musical and human) developments we have been part of during our lifetime. How can we find tonality that speaks in our time? And how can the old forms speak to us? These are questions I often ask myself. This piece is very much about different forms of energy: bundled, scattered, smooth, kinetic or furious.' The subtitle 'Kenotaph' refers to a monument for the dead, an empty tomb for those missing and presumed dead. Larcher composed the work, which was premiered by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in 2016, while haunted by the tragedies of the numerous refugees drowned in the Mediterranean Sea." 

(Symphony No. 2 ‘Kenotaph’/Thomas Larcher/BBC Symphony Orchestra/Semyon Bychkov, conductor)

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Thomas Larcher
Symphony No. 2 "Kenotaph" (2015-2016)
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