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US Premiere of Jummei Suzuki’s Gewürzwolfie?!

Feb. 01, 2020

US Premiere of Jummei Suzuki’s <em>Gewürzwolfie?!</em>

On February 23, Quartet Excelsior (Tomoko Kobayashi, Momoko Yamada, Yukiko Yoshida, and Hajime Otomo) will perform the US premiere of Jummei Suzuki's string quartet Gewürzwolfie?! at Scandanavia House's Volvo Hall in New York City. The performance is part of “Music From Japan's” 45th Anniversary Festival on a program titled: Identity, what does it matter? New Generations in Japan, curated by Dr. Choki Seiji.

Listen to Jummei Suzuki's WolfiEdo:

(WolfiEdo/Jummei Suzuki/Tokyo Ensemnable Factory) 

To learn more about Jummei Suzuki, visit:

Jummei Suzuki
Gewürzwolfie?! (2019)
for string quartet