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Lei Liang's Close Your Eyes Premiered by The North Carolina NewMusic Initiative

Oct. 01, 2021

On October 23, the East Carolina University (ECU) Symphonic Wind Ensemble and vocalists, under the direction of Dr. William Staub will perform the world premiere of Lei Liang's Close your eyes, a work for soprano and alto voices and mixed ensemble. Lei Liang notes:

"Close your eyes explores the idea of “the living score” in which the notation serves as a reference for possible interpretation and a point of departure. After the notation is internalized through rehearsals and group discussions, the piece is to be performed at least twice, first from the score, second from memory with changes made to the notated version.

The piece Close your eyes is named after a phrase my then 5-year-old son Albert said, before he handed me a surprise present. It evokes a condition of aural communication – a world illuminated by sounds."

Close your eyes was commissioned by the North Carolina NewMusic Initiative of East Carolina University.

Listen to Lei Liang's Aural Hypothesis (2010):

(Lei Liang/Aural Hypothesis/Callithumpian Consort/Stephen Drury, conductor)

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Lei Liang
Close your eyes (2020)
for voices (soprano/alto) 
and mixed ensemble
3fl.3cl-3euph-3perc(I. rice, flower pot, temp-bl; II. super balls, small pebbles [for shaking], 2bng, temp-bl; III. b.d, 2cong, temp-bl)-6 or 12 voices(3sop, 3alt or 6sop, 6alt) each with a pair of pebbles, rice and flower pots