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Shin-ichiro Ikebe Awarded the 69th “Kanagawa Cultural Award” in Art

Nov. 01, 2020

Shin-ichiro Ikebe Awarded the 69th “Kanagawa Cultural Award” in Art

Shin-ichiro Ikebe has been awarded the 69th “Kanagawa Cultural Award” in Art. This award is presented to individuals (or groups) whose remarkable achievements have contributed to the improvement and development of the prefecture’s culture. 

Reporting on the award, Kanagawa newspaper, Kanaloco notes:

"In 1966, while attending Tokyo University of the Arts, Shin-ichiro Ikebe attracted attention by winning first prize in the Japanese Music Competition. He has developed a wide range of new projects as a leading Japanese composer, and in addition to symphonies and other concert works, he has also composed many film scores. From April 2007 to March 2008, Ikebe served as the director of the Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall which has grown into one of the most popular halls in the Tokyo metropolitan area through an original project that makes use of excellent audio equipment. Shin-ichiro Ikebe received the Purple Ribbon Medal in 2004 and was awarded the Person of Cultural Merit prize in 2018."

Additionally, on November 25, the Tokyo Concerts Lab presents a concert of Shin-ichiro Ikebe's songs in celebration of the composer's new Song Album. The performance, which was postponed in May due to the pandemic, features soprano Sara Kobayashi, baritone Atsushi Tani, and pianists Hiroko Kohno and Machiko Shoju.

A preview of Shin-ichiro's songs can be viewed here.

Listen to Shin-ichiro Ikebe's Symphony No. 5 "Simplex" (1990):
(Symphony No. 5 "Simplex"/Shin-ichiro Ikebe/Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Kōtarō Satō, conductor)

To learn more about Shin-ichiro Ikebe, visit: