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The Royal Opera House Presents the World Premiere Staged Performances of Gerald Barry’s Alice’s Adventures Under Ground

Feb. 01, 2020

The Royal Opera House Presents the World Premiere Staged Performances of Gerald Barry’s <em>Alice’s Adventures Under Ground</em>

The Royal Opera House presents the world premiere staged performances of Gerald Barry’s Alice’s Adventures Under Ground from February 3-9. The production is directed by Antony McDonald and conducted by Thomas Adès. Alice’s Adventures Under Ground was premiered in concert at the Barbcan in 2016 and followed the immense success of Barry’s 2011 opera The Importance of Being Earnest—heralded as a masterpiece of modern opera—which has been performed all over the world. In Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, Barry strips the stories of Lewis Carroll’s two Alice books to their bones, making them even more funny, subversive and surreal. The Royal Opera’s staged production has already received great acclaim with The Guardian calling it “…brilliant in every surreal detail” and noting, “… the orchestral writing, marshalled with tremendous panache by Thomas Adès, hurls everything at the audience with manic intensity, whether it’s jagged brass, tipsy, tumbling woodwind lines or the wind machines cranked up in the final moments.”

(Trailer for Alice's Adventures Under Ground at the Royal Opera House)

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Gerald Barry
Alice’s Adventures Under Ground (2014-2015)
an opera
libretto (En) prepared by the composer based on the texts by Lewis Carroll
for soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, 2 tenors, baritone and bass
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