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Premiere Recordings of Hannah Lash's Stoned Prince and Andrew Norman's The Companion Guide to Rome

Oct. 29, 2014

Premiere Recordings of Hannah Lash's <em>Stoned Prince</em> and Andrew Norman's <em>The Companion Guide to Rome</em>

Two premiere recordings of chamber works by Hannah Lash and Andrew Norman are released this month. On November 4, the Boston-based string orchestra A Far Cry releases a recording of Andrew Norman's The Companion Guide to Rome on its own Crier Records label. The album, titled The Law of Mosaics, includes a work of the same name for string orchestra by Ted Hearne.

Norman's The Companion Guide to Rome, a 2012 Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, is a sweeping and evocative musical portrait of nine historic Roman churches. "The music," Andrew writes, "is informed by the proportions of the churches, the qualities of their surfaces, the patterns in their floors, the artwork on their walls, and the lives and legends of the saints whose names they bear."
On November 5, Loadbang releases its new album Monodramas on the ANALOG Arts label, featuring the premiere recording of Hannah Lash’s Stoned Prince. Scored for baritone, trumpet, trombone and bass clarinet and with a libretto by Royce Vavrek, the work was commissioned and premiered by Loadbang in 2013.

Stoned Prince examines moments in the public and imagined private life of His Royal Highness, Prince Harry. Hannah writes:

The music inhabits a bizarre, drunken, late-night emotional space. The preponderance of low instruments with only the trumpet and the baritone’s falsetto representing the upper range of sound serves as a disorienting canvas for a drama that unfolds via its hero’s drunken phone calls.

A release event takes place at the Greenwich House Music School on November 5, with performances by Loadbang, the Righteous Girls, Eve Beglarian and others.

Details on the new recordings can be found at and

Visit for more information on Andrew Norman and Hannah Lash.

Andrew Norman
The Companion Guide to Rome (2010)
a collection of pieces for violin, viola and cello

Hannah Lash
Stoned Prince (2013)
text (En) by Royce Vavrek
for baritone, trumpet, trombone and bass clarinet