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Pierre Jalbert's Zones Debuts with the Colorado Springs Philharmonic

May. 01, 2017

Pierre Jalbert's <em>Zones</em> Debuts with the Colorado Springs Philharmonic

On May 20, Pierre Jalbert’s new orchestral work Zones receives its world premiere by the Colorado Springs Philharmonic. The work, conducted by Josep Caballé-Domenech, was commissioned by the orchestra in celebration of its 90th anniversary season.

Jalbert composed Zones to function as both a stand-alone piece as well as part of a three-movement large-scale orchestral work (together with his pieces Strata and In Terra). Throughout Zones, Jalbert explores various types of American topography, moving “from the deep of the two oceans surrounding the country and working up to the highest mountain peaks and alpine zones.” He explains: 

The piece begins with an animated introduction, which quickly dissipates and we are left with only the sounds of air coming from the wind instruments. The piece then moves through various zones, beginning in the deep ocean - ‘The Trenches and the Abyss’, then to the ‘Twilight and Midnight Zones’ (slightly shallower), then to the ‘Sunlight Zone’ (very shallow), and finally onto land and upward to the ‘Alpine Zone.’

In the below interview with NewMusicBox, Jalbert discusses his compositional process, from improvising at the piano to constructing large orchestral works:

On May 6, Houston’s Kinetic Ensemble presents the Texas premiere of String Theory at Matchbox 4 in Houston, TX. Also this month, the Chiara String Quartet offers the New York premiere of String Quartet No. 6, “Canticle” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (May 11) and the SOLI Ensemble reprises its commissioned-work Street Antiphons in San Antonio, TX (May 15). Listen to an excerpt of Street Antiphons, performed by the Boston Chamber Music Society: 

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Pierre Jalbert
Zones (2017)
for orchestra
pic. vib, tri; II: b.d, sus cym, chimes, crot [2 octaves])-pno-str

In Terra (2016)
for orchestra

Strata (2015)
for orchestra

Street Antiphons (2015)
for clarinet (bass clarinet), violin, cello and piano

String Theory (2016)
string orchestra

String Quartet No. 6 (2017)
vn1(also crotales [Ab,Bb], brass mallets and glass rod).vn2(crotale [C], brass mallet, glass rod).va(glass rod).vc