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New Critical Edition of Richard Strauss's Salome Now Available

Jun. 01, 2019

New Critical Edition of Richard Strauss's <em>Salome</em> Now Available

In April, 2019, Richard Strauss's single-act opera Salome was published as the first opera volume of the new Strauss Critical Edition published by Schott Music. This publication makes available fully-corrected orchestra material augmented by essential performance-related details. The new materials may be officially used for performance from January 1, 2020 onwards.

Salome is one of Richard Strauss's greatest and most enduring operas. Strauss's original score featured a German text, but he also created an additional French version in which he undertook alterations to the vocal parts. He subsequently retouched the original score for a performance featuring Maria Rajdl in 1929 which, together with alterations referring to the method of conducting, may also be considered an altered version. According to most recent research, the reduced version and other forms of the work were not undertaken personally by Richard Strauss.

The current volume features the printed musical text of the German version dating from 1905. The French version and the retouches will be published in Series I, Vol. 3b.

("Dance of the Seven Veils" from Salome/Richard Strauss/Malin Byström, soprano/
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra/Daniele Gatti, conductor)

The musical text of the current edition is based primarily on an early printed edition of the score which was supervised by Strauss (and therefore must be considered as the latest valid version to be approved by the composer). This early printed edition was compared in a careful consideration with the autograph and other historical musical sources relevant to the current edition, such as the supervised -- and therefore authorized -- first and early print material (piano reduction, parts and galley proofs). Smaller and more substantial alterations were also undertaken to the musical text after the printing process, and a new edition of the work in the form of a study score was planned in the 1930s. It was therefore necessary to consider all of these alterations to assess their relevance to the current edition.

Extensive documentation relating to the vocal text, correspondence cited in this volume, and further documents referring to the history of origin and performance are published in complete form on the online platform: For an English-language brochure, click here.

(Salome/Richard Strauss/Berlin Deutsches Symphony Orchestra/
Nikolaus Lehnhoff, stage director/Stefan Soltesz, conductor)

To learn more about Richard Strauss, visit:

Richard Strauss
Salome (1904-1905)
opera in one act after Oscar Wilde's eponymous poem
in German translation by Hedwig Lachmann
Herod, tenor-Herodias, mezzo-soprano-Salome, soprano-Jochanaan, baritone-Narraboth, tenor-Page der Herodias, alto- 5 Jews, 4 tenors, 1 bass-2 Nazarenes, tenor, bass-2 soldiers, basses-A Cappadocian, bass-A slave the scenes: