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The Tönkunstler Orchestra and Benjamin Beilman Perform Thomas Larcher's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

Feb. 15, 2022

The Tönkunstler Orchestra, under the baton of Hannu Lintu, performs Thomas Larcher's Concerto for violin and orchestra on February 20-21 at the Musikverein. The performances feature Benjamin Beilman as the soloist.

In the programme note at its London premiere, Thomas Larcher’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra elicited the following comment: "Larcher’s stylistic palette may at first sound disconcertingly diverse, but he arranges his contrasting panels with great technical skill and an inherent, cinematic logic." (Tim Rutherford-Johnson)

The work is cast in just two movements, but traverses a range of moods, as illustrated by the tempo markings: Slow · Very Fast; Flowing · Slow, Static · Double Tempo.

Notably, the Tönkunstler Orchestra has just released a recording of this work, again with Beilman as the soloist. The disc also features Thomas Larcher's Alle Tage, featuring Adrian Eröd. The conductors are Hannu Lintu and Pierre Bleuse.

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Thomas Larcher
Concerto (2008-2009)
for violin and orchestra
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