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Friedrich Cerha Awarded the Alban Berg Ring

Jul. 15, 2021

Friedrich Cerha Awarded the Alban Berg Ring

On June 20, the anniversary concert for Friedrich Cerha's 95th birthday, which had been postponed from February, took place at the Musikverein with a performance of his own works. At the same time, he was awarded the newly created Alban Berg Ring.The Alban Berg Foundation, which established this ring, did so with the provision of a lifetime award. Friedrich Cerha is proud to be the first ever ring bearer, noting, "Every award is also a reciprocal responsibility." The Alban Berg Ring is awarded for life "in appreciation of musical creation."

Photo © Lukas Beck

The ring bears its namesake inscribed through the form of a soundtrack of Berg's music cast in gold. Maximilian Eiselsberg, President of the Alban Berg Foundation, describes its symbolism as embracing the oeuvre of its owner and placing it in boundlessness. "I have been transformed from a former enemy into an honouree by the same committee," is how Friedrich Cerha comments on the award. In 1979 he was attacked by the Alban Berg Foundation for completing Berg's opera Lulu - so it is all the more significant that he has received this award.

Photo © Stephan Trierenberg/Alban Berg Stiftung

Universal Edition, Friedrich Cerha's publisher, congratulates the composer on this recognition and is proud to be able to publish his work.

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