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English Language Version of Carlos Laredo's Joaquín Rodrigo: A Biography is Now Available

Jun. 07, 2024

English Language Version of Carlos Laredo's <em>Joaquín Rodrigo: A Biography</em> is Now Available

We are pleased to announce that Carlos Laredo's Joaquín Rodrigo: A Biography is now available in an English language version. Tracing the life of one of the greatest Spanish composers of the 20th Century, extensively researched, and thoroughly documented, Laredo's biography breaks some of the rules of orthodox biographies and reads like a novel, maintaining the reader’s interest from the beginning to the end. 

A number of esteemed performers have responded enthusiastically to Carlos Laredo's informative tome:

"I have loved reading this absolutely captivating biography of the Spanish composer with whom my father, brothers and myself shared a wonderful relationship and whose singular music we have countlessly performed. Its a gripping book, narrating his eventful and extraordinary life with great realism and intensity." Pepe Romero

"This recent biography allows us to further examine the life of our much admired and beloved Maestro Joaquín Rodrigo, as well as finally giving his wife Victoria Kamhi the recognition she deserves for the crucial role she played in the composer’s artistic career. A must read  for all music lovers!" Manuel Barrueco

"Not at all like the classic biographies. This chronicle, written by Carlos Laredo, a friend of the composer, reads like a genuine novel (in literary terms), but it's firmly documented by countless letters and other unpublished documents. A fascinating book."Rafael Aguirre

"It has been a pleasant surprise to discover this magnificent biography of the great Spanish composer. It’s interesting, enjoyable, and very well documented by C. Laredo, an author and friend of J. Rodrigo’s family. I previously enjoyed the Maestro’s music on many levels, but now I will feel all the more identified with its creator when I perform it."  Juan Manuel Cañizares

Joaquín Rodrigo: A Biography can be ordered from Ediciones Joaquín Rodrigo here.

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