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David Moliner's Estructura IV “Dämonische Iris" Premiered at the Lucerne Festival

Aug. 02, 2023

On August 26, the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra, led by conductors Rita Castro Blanco and Jack Sheen, perform the world premiere of David Moliner's Estructura IV "Dämonische Iris," commissioned by “Roche Young Commissions.” The composer notes:

"Estructura IV is inspired by the "evil-bipolar human expression." This translates into a constant latent expression of its intrinsic dialectic. The framework of the rhythm is created through the formal gesture. In it, light emerges through the 32 harmonicas reaching the two work climaxes through its C diatonism. The structural concept is conceived through the explosive and dynamited form, through the harmony, texture, melos and also with the rhythmic material polarization played with the IV Gran Cassa, solidifying the work pulse. The sound-pitch dimension comes itself with soundlayers that gradually become contaminated with the percussion sound world, such as whistles and shouts. All these elements are never treated as effects but as the cornerstone work items."

Introducing David Moliner

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David Moliner
Estructura IV "Dämonische Iris" (2023)