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Concert Repertoire, Vocal Music, and Stage Works Appropriate for Social Distancing

Jun. 01, 2020

In recent months, orchestras, opera companies, and ensembles of all sizes have quickly adapted to changing circumstances, moving their performances online and performing together only where social distancing has been possible. During these times when social distancing remains necessary, it has been heartening to see countless musicians and institutions coming together online, or in person, in small ensembles, making music in new and innovative ways. As we look forward to when more regular concert activity can resume, it is interesting to consider what the new normal in live performance is likely to resemble. 

In response, we’ve spent some time over the last weeks exploring our catalogue for works requiring smaller groups of performers and have turned up a selection of concert pieces, chamber operas, operatic reductions, and vocal works that are as rich and diverse as their larger counterparts.

We hope you enjoy perusing these lists and find them a useful starting point for exploring the extraordinary repertoire that exists for smaller performing forces. 

Explore the Concert Repertoire List

Explore the Vocal Music and Stage Works List